Louis and Char Magnifico
Current Projects

Vintage Radio

Our band, Vintage Radio, has recently recorded covers of “Don’t You Forget About Me” (Simple Minds), “Let’s Stay Together” (Al Green), and “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson).  Check them out on Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you download and stream music.  Here’s a link to our band’s website with links to each song.

More recordings are coming soon so check back to see new releases and add us to your playlists… or better yet, come to Florida and catch us at a live show!  That’s always the best way to experience what we like to call Spectacular Music and Entertainment!


Louis at Cat's circa 1994
Louis at Cat’s circa 1994

The Record Store Book

I recall watching All Things Must Pass, the documentary about Tower Records and thinking… man, how tame!  It was supposed to showcase the hippest record store in America during its heyday and highlight the hijinks that went on.  But having worked in a music store myself in the early-mid 1990s, all I could think was how boring those Tower Records clerks were.  I’m writing a memoir of my time working at the coolest store America ever knew: the Bartlett, TN location of Cat’s Compact Discs and Cassettes. Warning: this book will be shocking, excessive, out of step with our current times, politically incorrect, and all unashamedly true.  Read at your own risk.  There are no safe rooms in this book.  And since the statute of limitations has passed for most of what we did there, I can finally disclose it all in full detail.



I’ve been an occasional writer of short stories and –  even more infrequently – bizarre poetry since around 1990.  For reasons that both defy logic and make all the sense in the world, however, I took several years off from the old typewriter.  The well of stories ran dry.  I took so many years off, in fact, that I heard typewriters have given way to computers.  But now I’ve found a new writing machine that suits me – a hybrid device that’s part typewriter and part word processor.  And the ideas are flowing once again…  look for releases coming soon to Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.


The Traveling Twosome

Char and I officially announced the re-launch of The Traveling Twosome! Yes, the cover stories, the radio show, the fake commercials and funny videos, heck, even some mixed wrestling matches between us.  The relaunch is official! Check it out at www.TheTravelingTwosome.com