Alice Cooper’s First Joint

Alice Cooper and Jimi HendrixRecently, shock rocker Alice Cooper talked about the first time he ever smoked pot.  Whenever you hear about someone’s first marijuana experience, you know you’re likely in for a good story.  Alice Cooper’s account is short and simple… but it’s probably the greatest story in the history of rock n roll.  Imagine getting into a bar fight with Lemmy, tripping acid with Syd Barrett, debating philosophy with Jim Morrison, or losing your virginity to Marilyn Monroe.  Those would make for some really great tales, right?  Well this one is on par with stories like those.  Ready for it?  Alice Cooper’s first join was given to him by Jimi Hendrix.

That – in and of itself- would be enough, right?  Imagine Jimi Hendrix passing you a joint!  But wait, there’s more…

According to Alice Cooper, it happened after a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert.  At the time, Alice Cooper was still a high school rock band and Jimi invited them to hang out after his show.  About eight people were sitting on a bed in Jimi’s hotel room when Hendrix hands a joint to Cooper.  As Alice Cooper is getting high, Jimi Hendrix takes a quarter out of his pocket and inserts it into a coin slot in the bed.  It was a vibrating bed!  As the bed starts shaking Jimi looks over at young Alice Cooper and with arms outstretched like wings, Jimi says, “We’re on a spaceship!”

Fly on, Little Wing…


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