The Girl Who Got Away from Ted Bundy

Ted BundyThere is no question that Ted Bundy is one of the America’s most notorious serial killers.  His reign of terror in the 1970s is one of the more interesting crime stories of our time.  Unlike other serial killers, Ted Bundy didn’t “fit the mold.”  He was charming, successful, and intelligent.  He worked in political realms and was a rising star.  His story is also a head scratcher due to the number of times he evaded arrest or escaped police custody – including jumping out of the window of a law library as he was acting as his own attorney during his trial.  He also had numerous groupies – women who were fawning over him while he was on trial for rape and murder. His story is bizarre, to say the least.

But there’s another part of his story that you may have never heard.  To borrow a quote from the late Paul Harvey, now let’s read “The Rest of the Story.”

Manhattan, New York.  1970s.  In the pre-dawn early morning hours, Bundy spots a beautiful young blond woman trying to call for a taxi.  He pulls his infamous white car up next to her and offers to give her a ride.  She ignored him and continued calling for a taxi.  But Bundy wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He wasn’t forceful, but rather used his charm to get her to accept the ride – and eventually, the blond agreed.

Once inside the car, however, she noticed there was no door handle on the inside of the vehicle, and no crank with which to roll down the passenger window.  Using her wits, she realized that since her window was already partially open, she was able to reach through and open the door from the outside handle.  As she did, Ted Bundy turned the wheel quickly to try to prevent her from escaping but she fell out onto the pavement in the middle of the New York street.  Bundy sped off, having lost his chance for the girl who would have been his next victim.

Thankfully, the blond girl survived – and would soon form a band.  You know her.  And you’ll also remember her blond hair… for it was her namesake.  Blondie.

Debbie Harry (Blondie) didn’t know her attempted kidnapper was Ted Bundy… not until the very day he was executed.  The news was reporting about Bundy’s crimes and his execution and she looked up and saw the man she remembered so well on television.  The news anchor described the car Bundy used that she remembered so well… including the missing inside door handle and window crank.

As the old television barker used to say… But wait, there’s more!

Leave it to Snopes and internet fact checkers to tell Blondie that she’s either lying or confused.  You see, Snopes and the internet fact checkers say that this event never happened.  Even though Debbie Harry herself testifies that it did.  Why would Snopes say this?  The answer is perhaps the most ridiculous part of this story… Because there’s no public record of Bundy having been in New York during that timeframe in the 1970s.  So allow me to ask Snopes a very serious question… do you truly think you know every move Ted Bundy made during the 1970s?  Were you stalking him during those years?  Did you keep his personal schedule or something?  Oh, but Snopes says, “Bundy lived in Utah and Florida during that time.” So do you mean he never took a trip to the nation’s most visited city?

Snopes themselves have been thoroughly debunked time and time again as being a highly inaccurate arbiter of truth and fact.  Don’t take my word for it… fact check me… look it up.  The nation’s biggest fact checking engine leaves a lot to be desired in terms of their integrity and honesty.  I tend to side with the near-victim.  Debbie Harry’s story – her account of the missing door handle, missing window crank, description of the car, and description of Bundy himself seem to match too clearly.

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